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It’s easy to get in a rut, and sometimes we just need some new motivation to try something different. In my blog, “Mom by Day, Graphic Designer by Night,” I invite you into my life to get to know each other a little better and improve our business relationship. My hope is that you will be encouraged by my mom adventures to flex your own creative muscle if you find yourself in a boring routine.

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  • Best Birthday Ever!
    ~ Mom by Day ~ What job perks do you have with your line of business? For instance, maybe you’re a plumber and grateful when that pipe starts to leak you don’t have a gigantic, unexpected bill because you can fix it yourself. Or maybe you have an office job position, but your company throwsContinue reading “Best Birthday Ever!”
  • Sourdough Friendship Bread
    ~ Mom by Day ~ Have you ever heard of friendship bread? It’s kind of like a grown-up chain letter, but without the curse attached. Additionally, you get a yummy treat to eat in the end and share the starter ingredients with another friend so they can make their own sweet bread. Jump to recipeContinue reading “Sourdough Friendship Bread”
  • Here I Am, Send Me
    ~ Mom by Day ~ I opened the door to see two Jehovah’s Witnesses standing there. But maybe the bigger surprise to hear is that I had invited them. I am a Christian. “From infancy [I] have known the Holy Scriptures, which were able to make [me] wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.Continue reading “Here I Am, Send Me”

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Hi! I’m Kristal!
I began my career in the Milwaukee corporate world of direct mail in 2003. Three years later I shifted gears into my own business, and two years after that I gained my new job title of “Mom.” Today I am richly blessed to serve God, my husband and three children and clients of all kinds through Kristal Clear Graphics.

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